HellRipper – “Coagulating Darkness”

Come with me to Scotland and the UK where the one man Hellripper will filet your face with his crazy throwback blackened thrash-speed metal. While Aberdeen, Scotland has their fair share of metal bands I can’t name a one, but I know of James McBain’s Hellripper. After a handful of splits with similar styled American […]

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Album Review: Nightbringer – Terra Damnata — Kvlt of Brewtality

Nightbringer is one of the most consistently incredible American black metal bands going today. I’d easily hold them up as a shining example of how great American black metal can be (regardless of their European influences, more on that later). Not only are they consistent, they’re consistently interesting. You know with Nightbringer that you’re going […]

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Waldgeflüster – Ruinen (Review) —

This is the fourth album by German black metal band Waldgeflüster. Waldgeflüster play atmospheric post-black metal with lashings of the second wave thrown in for good blackened measure and some healthy old-school doom aspects to parts of their sound. It’s a beguiling mix and Ruinen is a highly emotive and comprehensive release. Post-metal melodies flare […]

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