We love the Kardashians and their metal clothes!

We believe that everyone in the metal community is getting it wrong! We feel that we, the metalheads of our community, need to get behind the influence that these women, Kim Lardashian and Kylie Jenner, have and use it for our benefit. 

How did you hear about a new metal band? Perhaps, you saw a review in a magazine or you saw an interesting album cover while browsing in a store. One of our owners actually bought his first Celtic Frost album, Morbid Tales, on cassette because it had a great cover photo. Another time he saw a shirt on a metal fan of Jethro Tull and so he gave the album a try. (It was Heavy Horses.) What does this have to do with the Kardashians? These women have millions of followers on social media. If they decide to wear shirts or sweaters of metal bands, this will only increase the exposure of these bands and this genre. An increase in the knowledge of certain bands does not harm the band, the fans of the band or the metal community. We need to stop being so romantic with regards to “our” bands and “our” music. Growth is good! Any new fans of heavy metal are to be welcomed. It should not matter how they heard about the band. 

One could argue that the metal community needs to work with these women and use them as vehicles to get noticed. Do you realize how much these women get paid to wear a product or promote a brand? Metal bands should be willing to have their shirts worn for free! In fact, a really smart band would work with these women and have special shirts made as a way to increase their notoriety. In addition, these bands could generate passive income from the sales of these shirts. 

Gary Holt may “hate” and want to “kill” the Kardashians but they have provided a new outlet from which to get new fans for a band that has been around for over 30 years. Also, if Sharon Osborne were such a great manager and money mind, she would have sold Ozzy’s likeness to the Kardashians or Jenners and received royalties for the rest of her life. 

We realize that a lot of metal fans are more comfortable being on the fringe of society and perhaps this is why they despise these characters so much. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that bands make music because they love it but they also need to put food on the table and pay their bills. Keep an open mind as you never know when an opportunity will come along or who will be repping your favorite band. 

Summer Death Kvlt Festival Review

The Summer Death Kvlt Fest with Amon, Hellfire Deathcult, Carrion Curse, Caveman Cult, Glorious Death and Amenorreha took place on Saturday, June 24, 2017. The opening band, Amenorreha, played only their second live show and were absolutely fantastic! They are a female-fronted death metal band and they were really good. They started several their songs with spoken word lead ins which helped to understand the theme of the next song. The only piece of advice we would give is to work on the between song banter. That being said, if you get an opportunity to see them live, make the effort! The second band to play was Glorious Death. This three-some played awesome tracks of death metal that actually had a groove. The band was very energetic, played a variety of grooves interwoven into the death metal and could have played longer, in our opinion. The third band, Cavemen Cult, could take a lesson from the first two bands in that they played fast and loud but with very little change in the songs. There seemed to be a lack of a groove and it made their songs a bit repetitive. They played with a great ferocity and are accomplished musicians but great death metal still has a groove that takes a listener on a journey with the band. Carrion Curse traveled from Tallahassee to take part in the Festival but there set was plagued with technical problems. One of the guitars did not want to communicate with the speaker and it took up too much of their set time and they were relegated to a couple of songs and a lackluster crowd. Aside from the technical issues, we felt that the band did a good job and played a great set! We liked their change in tempo and the lead singer tried his best to get the crowd fired up for their set but, to our dismay, he received little support. We would welcome the opportunity to see and hear this band again! Hellfire Deathcult, which hails from Chicago, was one of the bands we were most excited to see. Their set was full of fury as the band raged through its 30 minutes. The songs were fast and furious however, there was little to set them apart from each other. This type of black metal has its time and place but it seemed a little bit out of place here. The band played extremely well and it would be great to see them support other bands in their genre, black metal, rather than this death metal festival. The last band to play was Amon, the two brothers were the original guitarists of the band Deicide. This band played for about an hour and they were amazing! As one would expect, the guitar work was fantastic. The two brothers played flawlessly and with a fury that looked effortless! The lead singer and bass player did a very good job in spitting out the death growls all the while keeping up with the drummer. The set came to an end and the band left us wanting for more. The Summer Death Kvlt Festival played to a good size crowd but there was plenty of room for more fans. We hope that this festival continues and we will do our part to support it and the metal scene in Miami.

HellRipper – “Coagulating Darkness”

Come with me to Scotland and the UK where the one man Hellripper will filet your face with his crazy throwback blackened thrash-speed metal. While Aberdeen, Scotland has their fair share of metal bands I can’t name a one, but I know of James McBain’s Hellripper. After a handful of splits with similar styled American […]

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Album Review: Nightbringer – Terra Damnata — Kvlt of Brewtality

Nightbringer is one of the most consistently incredible American black metal bands going today. I’d easily hold them up as a shining example of how great American black metal can be (regardless of their European influences, more on that later). Not only are they consistent, they’re consistently interesting. You know with Nightbringer that you’re going […]

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